CKC Business Plan

CKC agreed its first business plan in February 2019 with the following goals:

Goal 1 – Activities:  Develop a diverse and professionally challenging portfolio of projects which require CKC skills and expertise and which provide community benefits.

Goal 2 – Promotion:  Develop a positive and strong profile for CKC as an independent and high quality research centre for Hue and the surrounding provinces.

Goal 3 – Assets: Progressively secure finance and assets which enable CKC to achieve its vision.

Goal 4 – Human Resources:  Ensure that CKC has people, practices and standards which reflects its values and will support its progress as a workplace and a not-for-profit research centre.

Goal 5 – Social Responsibility:  Carry out projects and activities which provide benefits for the local and wider community, and especially for disadvantaged groups.

The link to the full Business Plan can be found below.  Link to Business Plan pdf (Long)