A Buddhist Approach to Climate Change: What Can We learn? [2017]

  • 23 October, 2018
  • ckcvietnam

Research presented at the Conference “Responses of religious communities to environment protection and climate change – Plans and solutions to 2020”, 15 September 2017, Hue City.

This study is grounded in an analysis of new challenges as we move towards climate change and argues that we can apply Buddhist teachings and the leadership of the Buddhist community to our climate response, and through this grow dialogue and action for all of us – as a community, and between Humans and Nature.

“Climate change is a global phenomenon that humans might never suspend, but only better manage.  Climate change is more of a problem because of anthropocentric causes, but climate change would happen even if there were no such causes.  Our goals must be more limited to reducing effects and improving adaptability, but avoid higher ambitions to “end” future change’’ (Brooks 2013, 11).