CKC’s First Touching in Laos

  • 30 August, 2022
  • ckcvietnam
Autumn welcomed us with refreshing rains that washed away the summer heat and welcomed us to a beautiful country – Laos.
July and August 2022 have become a memorable milestone for CKC as we had an opportunity to co-work with nearly 20 Vietnamese and Lao collaborators to carry out social research in indigenous communities of Sekong and Attapeu provinces, Laos.
As the first trip for the CKC team to another country – one neighboring Vietnam, we could not help but be excited when we arrived in Laos. It was a fortunate and precious experience for CKC, as we were warmly welcomed by the community and Laotian nature. The vastness and grandeur in the mountainous areas have meant that the people here have a simple, rustic, and kind nature. This trip has given CKC many wonderful memories.
Laos has left an unforgettable mark on CKC’s journey. Hopefully, this is the beginning of long-standing cooperation between CKC and the beautiful country of Laos.
Anh Huynh