Revitalising Lagoon Cultures through Community-Based Research

  • 11 August, 2021
  • ckcvietnam

CKC successfully carried out five-day field visits to Quang Loi, Dien Hai, Phu An, Huong Phong, and Loc Binh communes with an expert team in the field of literature and history studies, photography and cinematography from 31 July to 8 August. During the field visits, we not only got a taste of the vibrant local life in the Tam Giang – Cau Hai lagoon, but we also engaged with local leaders, experienced elders, rustic fisherfolk, and young people who are passionate about their homes. Thanks to their enthusiastic support, we have collected valuable resources related to tangible and intangible cultural heritages, particularly oral traditions accumulated and inherited over history, which have been gradually vanished and not fully recorded.


“Lagoon tourism development demands a more systematic approach. One of the positive things is cultural heritage, but more efforts are needed in order to preserve it and to choose an appropriate approach which can be bequeathed to the future generation” said by Mr. Luong The Vinh, Former Vice Chairman of the People’s Committee of Loc Binh Commune. Creating an alternative and sustainable livelihood for local people through tourism development based on cultural and traditional values is an emerging need ​​to reduce overfishing while protecting the lagoon ecosystem.


The field trip is a component of the PT Foundation-funded project “Sustainable Tourism through Cultural Heritage at the Tam Giang – Cau Hai Lagoon”, which will result in a publication based on researching, recording and using local cultures. Prior to the trip, local community researchers in five project communes spent a month on collecting and documenting the lagoon’s history, culture, customs, and stories. The field trip allows CKC to verify the research data and information collected and sense the enthusiasm and concerns of the local people for rich cultural values and development potentials of the Southeast Asia’s biggest lagoon.


The sun rises over the lagoon at Ngu My Thanh fishing village


Sao village is a tiny fisherman’s community in Dien Hai commune with a tradition of fishing and making Sao – fishing equipment.


Van Quat Dong market – A one-of-a-kind early morning street market with the freshest seafood caught from the lagoon.


Fish drying at the Van Quat Dong early market.


Rú Chá – a primitive wetland forest of mangroves on the Tam Giang Lagoon.


Ganh Lang (Lang Reef) – a splendid landscape in Loc Binh commune.