Knowledge Enhancement for Community Development

  • 7 October, 2022
  • ckcvietnam

As a young research center, CKC always upholds a culture of lifelong learning as its core value. At CKC, we create a learning and knowledge-exchanging environment through hands-on projects and knowledge-sharing sessions. This is the point of connection between CKC and Hannah Dudley – CKC’s Grants Development Mentor. During her three months working at CKC through the Australian Volunteers Program, Hannah has focused on supporting the capacity development of CKC’s young team by sharing sessions on how to develop proposals, communication strategies, organizational profile, and project design. In addition, mentoring sessions have been facilitated to equip staff with solid knowledge and skills on the job.

The series of sharing and training activities help develop CKC’s human resources and thereby promote CKC’s contribution to community development and research. Sincere appreciation is credited to Hannah’s contribution and support.

Anh Huynh