Solid and Fluid – Experiences from CKC’s Census Research

  • 8 April, 2024
  • ckcvietnam

At its core, a census is about gathering comprehensive data from every individual in a research community, providing invaluable demographic insights. These insights are crucial for statistical analysis, planning, and social management.

In today’s world of ‘liquid modernity’* – a time characterized by rapid and constant change – staying updated through regular censuses is more important than ever. The challenge is real and pressing.

This past week, from January 7th to 12th, our team at CKC had the privilege of conducting our latest census in Ky Anh Town, Ha Tinh Province. This recent effort is a continuation of our ongoing journey, building on the foundation of our previous censuses in late 2020, early 2021, and mid-2022 to capture the most current and accurate information about this vibrant project-affected community.

Reflecting on three years of dedicated research and project implementation, CKC has two key insights to share: ‘solid’ and ‘fluid’:

  • Be “solid” in approaching each and every individual. We’re not just counting people; we’re making every count!
  • Be “solid” with the truth in data by following the data collection procedure and requirements that minimize bias and maximize authenticity.
  • Be “solid” with data analysis, storage, and management, ensuring its longevity for future reference and cross-checking.
    And also:
  • Be “fluid” for Adaptive Planning: always proactive to flow with changes.
  • Be “fluid” for Personalized Engagement: Be flexible in our approach. We meet people where they are, respecting their time, conditions, and abilities. Every interaction is tailored, and every voice is valued.
  • Be “fluid” for Responsive Fieldwork: Our “liquid” stance keeps us agile in the field. We are more than researchers. We are problem-solvers on the move.

After concluding our journey, CKC cumulatively gathered insights from nearly 1,500 households with a population of over 6,000, marking a significant milestone in our endeavor to socially access community changes under the impacts of many industry projects.

In all of our census investigations, CKC always spend tremendous efforts to approach each and every one in the community to record their voices and situations. We do not count people, we make them count!

*Note: “Liquid Modernity” is a sociological concept suggested by Zymunt Bauman to address the fast-changing dynamics of our society.


(Quyen Mai)