CKC supports COPLUS training

  • 8 October, 2019
  • ckcvietnam

CKC is supporting the CoPLUS Investment Consultancy with their ‘From Goodwill to Good World’ program.  The Goodwill program provides significant support for business ideas, products, and services which promote sustainable development.

Philip Thomas from CKC was asked to assist with their orientation training so that applicants for the program could prepare for their interview. We were happy to support this training because we want to encourage sustainable development and we believe that there are many businesses which contribute so much to this urgent priority.  We also want to support and work with local businesses who share CKC values, because co-working is important to CKC and because we know that there is more to be gained from collaboration than competition.

Twelve applicants attended the presentation which was held in the meeting room at the  Anh Khoa Coffee shop on Thursday 26 September.  The participants included organic produce businesses, responsible tourism services, and waste management initiatives.