CKC Services

CKC co-works with different partners including NGOs, public and private sectors to provide the following services:

Social Research

Social research is grounded in social theory and applies a range of approaches using qualitative, quantitative and mixed techniques. We comply strictly with ethical standards and practices for social research such as informed consent, privacy, confidentiality, and data protection. We provide a range of services including:

  • Design and conduct of social research;
  • Project design and management;
  • Advice on social issues;
  • Impact assessment and planning – environmental, social, gender and human rights;
  • Planning and implementation of social performance tasks including social due diligence, stakeholder engagement programs (SEP), community grievance programs (CGP), livelihood restoration programs (LRP) and community development programs (CDP) in compliance with international standards (World Bank, IFC & ADB); and
  • Evaluation of social programs.


Community Development

CKC drives its commitment to help the underprivileged by implementing community development initiatives. Community development encourages people to work together to solve common problems and to create sustainable communities through a continuous process of co-working and co-creation.


Project Management

CKC’s project management services offer an objective, professional approach to managing the risks associated with project implementation. Our project management is based on an analysis of the customer’s circumstances, which allows us to clearly define the project’s goals, scope, and the required actions.


Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

CKC works with organisations to build their CSR strategy with a focus on community development and environment protection.


Trans-disciplinary Research

CKC cooperates with different stakeholders including government, university, private sector and community as equal partners to co-create new knowledge to address a common problem.