CKC Employee Well-being – Awayday 2022

After a long period of social distancing due to the Covid-19 pandemic, CKC members finally had the opportunity to spend a holiday filled with memories and laughter.
“Awayday” is an annual activity that CKC always maintains with the hope that all members can temporarily put aside work to give themselves time to rest after a period of hard work and also an opportunity that all staff of CKC can be closer together. CKC hopes that the members of the Center have had moments of relaxation with interesting experiential activities and are ready with energy to continue to contribute to the next community projects.
This trip is also very special for CKC to welcome new faces who are enthusiastic and dynamic members, and to congratulate the new leadership who are dedicated and professional accompanying CKC on the next journeys.
CKC would like to say “thank you” to CKC-ers, collaborators, and partners of CKC for their unremitting efforts and dedication to jointly creating good values for society.
Wishing all of you International Labour Day moments of relaxation and happiness.
Anh Huynh