Workshops & Training

‘Professional working skills’ [September 2019]

Philip Thomas – CKC Business Development Advisor hosted one-hour sharing session focusing on professional working skills with the purpose of capacity building and increasing efficiency in work.


‘Social Performance with International Standards’ [August 2019]

CKC welcomed the participation of development practitioners and social researchers in the session on how NGOs can deliver services in accordance with international standards. The training contributed to CKC’s social responsibility program.


‘Preparing a Business Plan’ and ‘How to Write a Successful Proposal’ [May 2019]

CKC conducted two days of training for local NGOs and agencies about how to prepare their business plan and how to write better proposals for funding.  The training contributed to CKC’s social responsibility program.


‘Social and Gender Impact Assessment for Sustainable Hydropower Development’ [May 2019]

With Centre for Social Research and Development

CKC coordinated this conference with ethnic minority people from the Central and Central Highlands Regions and NGO partners to review the impacts of hydropower projects on displaced communities and to consider how these impacts can be managed better in future.