Sharing Session on Proposal Development and Communication Strategies

  • 24 November, 2022
  • ckcvietnam

A culture of lifelong learning and knowledge co-creation is CKC’s core value to create an interdisciplinary working environment through training and capacity-building sessions.


On 3 November 2022, a sharing session on proposal development and communication strategies was organised by CKC, enhancing knowledge sharing among individuals and organisations working in social research and development practice. The sharing session was led by Hannah Dudley – CKC’s Grants Development Mentor through the Australian Volunteers Program (AVP). Hannah has over 10 years of experience in consulting, managing, planning, and coordinating projects for multinational companies and non-profit organisations in the Asia-Pacific region.





This is one of the last activities of Hannah accompanying CKC after four months of working in Hue city, which opens up opportunities for knowledge sharing, connection, and interdisciplinary research between CKC and many individuals and organisations.


Anh Huynh