“Assets Based Community Development” Training – Community Capital is not all about money

  • 15 October, 2019
  • ckcvietnam

“Capital is not all about money” is the message concluded by Mrs. Thao, 82 years old, in Ngu My Thanh Village after attending the training.

Indeed, community capital is not only money but also other types of capital including natural, physical, human and social capital.

The training helped them to identify the other resources currently held by the community and to use these resources to build a strong and sustainable community. This is also the objective of the project which will help the community to advocate for themselves and to own their development process.

Over two days the Center for Knowledge Co-creation and Development Research (CKC) carried out training on Assets Based Community Development (ABCD).  This training focused on the strengths of the village – rather than its problems – and will help to build the ‘zero plastic waste village’ model through 50 local women in Ngu My Thanh Village.

Through the training, participants gained a better understanding of the strengths and assets of their community. At the same time, they also had an opportunity to develop their teamwork skills and to create and develop their ideas for building a zero plastic waste model for the village.

“I never participate in doing teamwork before like this. Actually, I don’t think when we do in teamwork we have to face a lot of controversy in our team to choose a good idea for our project” – A woman in Ngu My Thanh village shared.

With CKC’s support, participants were divided into four groups to discuss and develop their ideas. They had the opportunity to visualize their idea and can now implement that idea in their community.

In the next stage, the groups will present their project results through a competition which will look for initiatives which reduce plastic waste in the community.

Some photos were taken during the training: