• 9 September, 2021
  • ckcvietnam

1.    Introduction

CKC Employee Well-being program (CEW program) launched by Center for Knowledge Co-creation and Development Research (CKC) since July 2021 aims to operationalise CKC’s existing policies and business plan on the well-being of CKC members, vitalise individual efforts in putting CEW into effects; and boost employee well-being, business performance, and organisational attachment. The operational rationale of the program is based on four focal pillars: Health and Safety (H &S); Physical and Emotional Well-being; Social Welfare; and Work Space.


2.    Program areas

2.1. Health and safety

CKC is committed to providing and maintaining a healthy and safe working environment for all staff and collaborators under its H&S policy. Accordingly, CKC provides safe procedures and systems of work and in the field; maintaining the workspace in a safe and healthy condition; continually reviewing the workspace and field trip systems and procedures and implementing improvements; and providing adequate facilities to protect the health, safety, and welfare of CKC staff and collaborators. Many initiatives have been implemented, such as Emergency First Aid Training and work from home practice amid the COVID-19 context.


CKC Emergency First Aid Training in 2021

2.2. Physical and Emotional Wellbeing

To foster work productivity, satisfaction, and attachment among CKC staff, we have initiated various activities focusing on improving physical well-being (Office Yoga Sessions, Trekking Trips, and Care Packages); emotional and mental well-being (Tea Talks, Get-together Days, Mental Health Check-in on RUOK Day); and community well-being (Gardening and Environmental Clean-ups). Taking care of co-workers’ well-being is essential in our culture to manifest an ideal working environment in which every employee can sense their engagement and embrace, and therefore enhance their resilience.


CKC Tea Talk Day

2.3. Work Space

CKC attempts to create a cozy, effective, and highly welcoming workspace with the greatest comfort for all CKC employees and co-workers engaged in our office. CKC has been adopting its Green Office Policy, which commits to curbing single-use plastic, saving energy, planting in the office, and maintaining hygienic conditions with the aim of creating a “green” workplace and promoting environmental protection among CKC members. In addition, to foster a culture of knowledge co-creation and career well-being, an Office Library with a diverse collection of books has been established, and a regular series of professional development training has been maintained over the years.


CKC Green Office

2.4. Social Welfare

CKC social welfare is to ensure that services, facilities, and benefits given to the employees to work in a better environment. These policies are in place so that employees may maintain proper productivity and fulfillment in the workplace, as well as to express CKC’s appreciation for each contribution. Welfare activities are reserved for special days (birthdays, weddings, funerals, religious and cultural days, and other anniversaries), public holidays, health care (flexible sick-leave policies and health care gifts), work arrangement (flexible working hours and work from home policy), workplace amenities and facilities (drinking water, toilets, washing facilities, seating, temperature, workspace, lighting, and access to equipment).


CKC Birthdays

3. Program Coordinator

We are pleased to inform Vinh Tran as the first one-year-term CEW Program Coordinator of CKC.


Vinh Tran – The first one-year-term CEW Program Coordinator