Social Performance with International Standards

  • 8 October, 2019
  • ckcvietnam

The Center for Knowledge Co-creation and Development Research (CKC) held a second sharing session on Social performance with international standards. CKC sees these sessions as a useful professional development opportunity for development practitioners and social researchers. They are also an opportunity for CKC to meet our social responsibility values “Develop a training/information sharing program which shares the learning gained by CKC projects with other agencies and young graduates/professionals”.

CKC Sharing Session 2 was conducted by Dr. Nguyen Quy Hanh – CKC Senior Researcher on Saturday 24 August. Representatives from CKC and three other organizations attended. Mr. Hanh explained how ‘Social Performance’ can be measured and used by NGOs to improve their effectiveness. Apart from conducting community development projects, NGOs can engage in delivering social impact assessments and planning, social due diligence and implementation of social programs for stakeholder engagement, community grievance, livelihood restoration and community development in compliance with international standards such as International Finance Corporation (IFC) and Asian Development Bank (ADB).